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The Importance of FroshVote

While youth voter turnout has been growing in recent years, it is still much lower than any other age group. And during the age of COVID-19, it's become even harder for incoming college freshmen to connect with in-person voter registration resources on campus. That's why we started FroshVote: to use the power of our networks and high school connections to get swing state college freshmen informed, registered, and voting. 

The power of the youth vote is mindblowing. In most states (including the three below), college freshmen alone could easily change the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election:

froshvote graphic.JPG

Young voters going off to college in swing states have tremendous power to shape the election, charting the course of our nation for the next four years (and 6 years in the case of Senate races). At FroshVote, our innovative model uses relational organizing, digital engagement, and crowdsourced content to enfranchise these voters and empower them to make a meaningful impact on the future of our nation. 

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