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Are you registered?

Below, we have compiled all the information you need to register and vote as a college student. For info on registration deadlines, click here


RocktheVote is a fantastic resource to streamline your mandatory voter registration.

Use the following link to register to vote using your SCHOOL address so that your vote counts in the swing state. Answer RocktheVote's questions and input the last four digits of your social security number to get through the registration process most easily.


Some states require certain forms of ID for voting in-person and a few require ID for voting by mail. Use the VoteRiders site to be sure you're prepared!

At the following link, click on your school's state - where you registered to vote - and first check what ID forms are acceptable. Then, scroll down to the FAQs to learn specifics about what you must do with your ID.          



Reminder! If you requested a mail-in ballot, DO NOT MAIL IT. Instead, DROP IT OFF at a dropbox or any polling place near you (you don't have to wait on line). You can also vote in person, as long as you bring the mail-in ballot with you. 



Use, linked below, to find your correct polling place for election day, November 3! All polling places are open at least 7 AM-6 PM, with some open as early as 6 AM and as late as 9 PM. You might have to stand in line, but as long as you are in line by the time it closes, you will be able to vote.

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Your peers literally have the power to swing this election... the number of students going off to college far exceeds the margin with which Trump beat Clinton in swing states in 2016. YOU CAN MAKE 2020 DIFFERENT. Make sure your peers register, too!

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