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Become an Ambassador

Start Increasing Youth Voter Turnout Through Relational Organizing on a National Scale

With a few texts and DM's throughout the fall, you can make a major impact...

What FroshVote Ambassadors Do

1. With our swing state college list, identify friends/classmates from your high school attending college in a swing state

2. Using our custom templates and follow up framework, send each contact a personal message with registration materials and swing state-specific info





3. Follow up with and track each contact using the FroshVote framework and templates. Leverage your personal relationship to help create a voting plan via mail-in ballot, early voting, or in-person Election Day voting. 

4. Share our work and resources on social media

@froshvote on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin 

5. Spread the word and recruit new ambassadors

Join Our National Team as a Froshvote Ambassador

Join Our National Team as an Ambassador

Have questions? Email us at!

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Hey Alex! Florida early voting

starts today. What's your plan?

239043789057202 (2).jpg

Anna, today's the last day to register in Michigan. Can I count on you to sign up? 


Join Our National Team As An Ambassador

Ambassadors commit 1-2 hours a week to contacting friends/classmates through the FroshVote framework (described above) to encourage them to register and vote on their swing state college campuses. FroshVote ambassadors are eligible for community service hours. 

Apply for a State Lead Position

State Leads supervise and recruit ambassadors in their regions. With an average time commitment of 3-5 hours per week, they play a major role in developing and expanding FroshVote.

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