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Start Increasing Youth Voter Turnout Through Relational Organizing on a National Scale

With a few texts and DM's throughout the fall, you can make a major impact...

What FroshVote Ambassadors Do

1. With our swing state college list, identify friends/classmates from your high school attending college in a swing state

2. Using our custom templates and follow up framework, send each contact a personal message with registration materials and swing state-specific info





3. Follow up with and track each contact using the FroshVote framework and templates. Leverage your personal relationship to help create a voting plan via mail-in ballot, early voting, or in-person Election Day voting. 

4. Share our work and resources on social media

@froshvote on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin 

5. Spread the word and recruit new ambassadors

Join Our National Team as a Froshvote Ambassador

Join Our National Team as an Ambassador

Have questions? Email us at!

Hey Alex! Florida early voting

starts today. What's your plan?

Anna, today's the last day to register in Michigan. Can I count on you to sign up? 


Join Our National Team As An Ambassador

Ambassadors commit 1-2 hours a week to contacting friends/classmates through the FroshVote framework (described above) to encourage them to register and vote on their swing state college campuses. FroshVote ambassadors are eligible for community service hours. 

Apply for a State Lead Position

State Leads supervise and recruit ambassadors in their regions. With an average time commitment of 3-5 hours per week, they play a major role in developing and expanding FroshVote.