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Have questions about registering or voting? We've heard it all. Check out our answers below! If you don't see your question here, email us at and we'll add it right away!

Q: Can I register to vote if I’m not 18?

  • As long as you turn 18 by the election date! However, Rock the Vote only works if you’re already 18 so if you turn 18 between now and November 3, you’ll have to manually input your info into the paper form available here.


Q: Can I vote while I am at college?

  • As long as you meet the residency requirement for your state, yes! Residency requirements vary ranging from "be a [insert state] resident" (which being a college student on campus satisfies), to having lived there for 30 days. Check yours here.


Q: Can I register to vote where I’m going to college if I don’t know whether I’ll be sent home?

  • Yes! As long as you INTEND to meet your state's residency requirements, you can register to vote, because you are enrolled and on campus in the state. 


Q: How long do I have to live in my college state before registering? 

  • It depends! In some states you just have to declare yourself a resident, others require a certain number of days of living there. Click here for more info. 


Q: Do I need to send a picture of my dorm room to prove I live where I say I do? 

  • Nope! A few states (like Wisconsin) require proof of residence when registering but no state requires a picture of your dorm room. 


Q: What if I’m originally from a swing state?

  • You can and should register there ASAP, either via paper form or online! If you will be away at college this fall, make sure to request a mail-in ballot to be sent to your dorm address!

​​​Q: What if I’m already registered in a different state?

  • Most states ask on their voter registration forms if you were previously registered elsewhere. If asked, report your previous registration and you’re all set, as this will cancel your previous registration. You may not vote twice in two different states. 


Q: Should I register for a mail-in ballot? 

  • If you are not 100% sure that you will be able to make it to a polling place in person early or on November 3 and that you have the ID necessary to vote in person in your state, you should vote by mail-in ballot. However, if you are sure of both of these things, you should make a plan to vote early, in person. 

Q: Can I have an absentee/mail-in ballot sent to my college dorm address? 

  • Yes! Just list this address on your ballot request form (you can find your state's here)


Q: What if I need a stamp?

  • Let us know, we have contacts on your campus that can get you one. Don’t let this deter you from voting!



Q: Does registering to vote mean I'll be called for jury duty?

  • Unlikely. Most states consider "attending college" as a valid excuse for jury duty, and most states use voter registration lists as just one of many lists for calling jurors. And in some states, like California, Georgia, Maine, and Florida, voter registration lists are not used at all for calling jurors. 


Q: What if someone is spreading misinformation or giving me a hard time about registering?

  • If anyone gives you any trouble, please contact the Election Protection Coalition.  Their phone number is: 866-our-vote.
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