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Your vote is powerful, no matter where you live or what your age is. And every election is essential with its own set of consequences. Yet, the 2020 election has unique stakes for our nation: our democratic values are on trial.


We all must vote, wherever and whoever we are.


However, the Electoral College and the statewide winner-take-all structure of our voting system have created swing states, where margins of victory for Presidential and Senate candidates are likely to be razor tight and to determine the outcome of the presidential election. 

At FroshVote, we seek to increase turnout of freshmen and first-time voters attending college in swing states by getting them registered and voting where they'll have the largest impact. Our Ambassador Program embraces relational organizing by connecting recent high school graduates and current students with the resources they need to get their friends and classmates who are beginning college in swing states registered and voting. 


In the age of COVID-19, when in-person voter registration is more challenging than ever, we are a group of young people dedicated to the premise that America thrives when democracy thrives. If you, too, want to ensure young Americans are enfranchised where their vote can make the largest difference, join us.  







North Carolina










The FroshVote Impact

1500 +

70 + 

Swing State College Freshmen Registered & Voting




Public Demonstration

Do Your Part

Volunteer as an Ambassador

As a FroshVote Ambassador, you are on the frontlines of voter turnout. You identify and use our resources to reach out directly to your peers who are eligible to vote in swing states. 

You are in a unique position to make a difference by providing a direct, personalized pitch to convince people to register where their vote makes the most difference.

Spread the Word

Reach out to college students you know and tell them about FroshVote. Share our posts on Facebook, and Insta. Send your friends (no matter their age!) our voter registration resources spreadsheet. 

Register to Vote

We provide you the resources needed to register to vote in swing states, for you or your peers. If you are a student attending college in a swing state, register now! Change starts with you.

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